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Main materials thermoplastic used in our productions
We produce over 3400 thermoplastic parts
using a wide range of materials
for many production sectors:

Water treatment

PS - ABS - PC/ABS - PC - PMMA - IXEF - PA - PBT - PPS - PPO - PE LD - PE HD - EPDM - PP - POM - PU -

PS: Polystyrene or polystyrene can be impact-resistant or crystal.
Fields of application: the food , packaging, appliances, toys, furnishings, electrical industry .

ABS: Polymer.
Fields of application: engineering , medical, chemical, electrical , textile , automotive , scientific equipment , telephones, furniture , toys , marine , appliances.

PC/ABS: Resin
Fields of application: Technical , electrical and electronic components , instrument panels and knobs for cars.

PC: Polycarbonate.
Fields of application:or its excellent quality , the PC is used in the electrical and electronics, medical , optics, lighting , mechanical precision for prevention articles as visors , shields, can also be used in the food industry .

PMMA: Acrylic
Fields of application: transparent plates , unbreakable windows , pipes for the dairy industry and wine , decorative articles , medical articles.

IXEF: Polyarylamide
Fields of application: automotive and transportation , fuel pumps , chairs vandalism , clutch parts , wiper controls , ducts for the oil filter , door handles , headlight reflectors .. For in electrical connectors , slide rails of video recorders , safety switches, media disks or CD players in household appliances to elements of irons , electric shavers heads . The only limit , the high cost!

PA 6/ PA 66: Nylon
Fields of application: Fields of application : The most used are Nylon 6 or Nylon 66 . The versatility of these polymers and high physical and mechanical characteristics allow the use of these resins in various fields of application, polyamide resins can be loaded with glass fibers

PBT: Polymer
For coils switches , transformers, bodies of pumps, fans and engineering applications in general

PPS: Polymer
Fields of application: It is widely used in the field of home appliances, such as for pumps for corrosive liquids , for products that must resist the action of the hot water and detergents , fan blades of electric stoves

PPO: Polymer
Fields of application: It is used for pieces of engineering , which must resist sterilization, sanitation artifacts , terminals

PE LD:Low-density polyethylene
Fields of application: mainly food

PE HD:High density polyethylene
Fields of application: there are many applications for these polymers and in particular: containers of each type and size , toys , pipes of large dimensions

EPDM: Elastomer , thermoplastic rubber
Fields of application: currently the automotive industry is the largest consumer profiles for sponge rubber gaskets for doors and trunk , full seals for windows , bumpers . Fittings, tubing, gaskets for household appliances. The cable industry uses it for good electrical electricity capacity combined with good weather resistance and limited water absorption .

PP: Polypropylene
Fields of application: medical, industrial parts , electrical components , hollow bodies , special water-resistant , various containers , toys. Can be loaded with glass fiber

POM: Acetal Resin
Fields of application: high precision technical articles for the chemical , electrical, mechanical, automotive , pharmaceuticals, scientific instruments.

PU: Polyurethane
Fields of application:The soft grades are used for dust sleeves , bellows , couplings , gaskets, tough guys for sliding parts , capsules, gear , footwear soles ..

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